Looking Ahead

The Future and Our Goals

A new school year has begun, and the brothers of Phi Gamma Delta are armed with new goals and aspirations for the 2018–19 school year.

One of the biggest goals for the Phi Gamma Delta brothers going into this school year is to continue to raise money for the new addition to Vance Hall. The addition is set to be finished around the end of September, however, the brothers need help paying for the $500,000 renovation. Our goal is to receive enough donations to keep them from having to remortgage the house.

As always, a focal point for the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity is to continue to care for others. Philanthropy is a passion at PGD, and this school year, they hope to continue to hold fundraisers for cherished organizations in the community and in the country.

Each school year, the brothers promote leadership to one another. They aim to keep building courageous leaders by leaning on each other in times of need and raising one another up in times of hardship. Phi Gamma Delta aren’t just leaders on campus, but are also strong leaders in the community, the office and at home. We hope to continue our legacy and teach the importance of being a true Phi Gamma Delta by becoming a courageous leader to future generations.

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