State of the Fraternity

Starting 2018-19 Strong

The brothers of Phi Gamma Delta are hard at work this school year capitalizing on last year’s efforts. Epsilon members at UNC are charged with an immense amount of responsibility, and each and every year, they work towards building their Brothers into courageous leaders who can go into tomorrow stronger than they were before.

Phi Gamma Delta is continuing to thrive. The Brothers embark on the new school year with 75 more members, which will help keep the house at an economically sustainable level. Not only are Epsilon members active outside of the classroom, but they continue to be fiercely dedicated to their studies. The average grade point average was increased to a 3.4, which makes them the fourth highest GPA on campus. Two brothers went as far as to exceed that and received 4.0 GPAs during the 2017–18 school year.

Leadership in Phi Gamma Delta isn’t contained to the fraternity, but stretches to other interests. Two brothers held leadership positions in the IFC, as well as other campus organizations. These members are a true ode to Phi Gamma Delta’s mission to build tomorrow’s leaders.

A hallmark for the Phi Gamma Delta is the work done with the Chapel Hill Fire Department. The Brothers raised money for and dedicated their gratitude to the men and women at the Fire Department who work hard keeping the community safe.

Phi Gamma Delta will continue to better itself academically, socially and philanthropically this school year. Through hard work and dedication, this school year will be even better than the last.

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