A Letter to Our Graduate Members

1829 East Franklin Street

Suite 800E

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


June 2, 2018


Epsilon Brothers,


I serve on the board of House Corporation of our fraternity at Carolina and am responsible for the care and upkeep of Vance Hall. We just embarked on an expansion of the house to add more basement dining and social space along with a patio off the first floor and a reclaiming of the grassy backyard that was turned into a parking lot at the behest of the Chapel Hill building department during the reconstruction. We need this extra space to accommodate our increased membership, now up to seventy-five brothers.


I could not be more proud of our undergraduate chapter and its brothers as they have:

  • Increased membership to 75 to keep the house at an economically sustainable level
  • Increased their average grade point average up to 3.4 (fourth on campus)
  • Had two brothers with a 4.0 last semester
  • Had a number of brothers in leadership positions in both the IFC as well as other campus organizations
  • Supported a number of charities including raising money for the Chapel Hill Fire Department
  • Taken excellent care of Vance Hall


The attached case statement details what we are doing with the addition and why we need our graduate brothers to once again financially support our chapter. We have been good stewards of Vance Hall and kept it in good repair for the past twenty years without calling for graduate assistance, but this project outstrips our financial ability without graduate support. We appreciate your past support for the chapter and hope that we can once again count on your generosity.



John W. Hughes ‘66

Epsilon House Corporation



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