Welcome To Our New Website!

Join the Epsilon Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta to celebrate Brotherhood!

Our new website includes many great features, all created with you, the alumni in mind. Epsilonpgd.2stayconnected.com is your home for all things Phi Gamma Delta. From Alumni profiles, to undergraduate news, and even a searchable directory designed to put you in touch with a long lost brother, you’ll feel as if you’re re-living your Phi Gamma and UNC glory days!

The menu of our new website consists of 10 main areas with four sub-menu items:

  • Home- Change username/password and get started!
    • Change My Password
  • About- Refresh your memory on what Phi Gamma at UNC is all about
    • History
    • Mission/Vision
    • Officers- View our undergraduate and Alumni leadership, contact us!
  • Events- Stay up to date and join us for the next alumni reunion, whether its homecoming, golf, or a work weekend!
  • News- Catch up on all the latest from Phi Gamma
    • Alumni Updates- Submit your own update with hobbies, life/career changes, or general stories about the fraternity.
    • Submit An Update - Keep your friends informed with a short update on a new job, a family addition, or even a good vacation that you want to brag about
    • Newsletters
    • Member Profiles
  • Connect- Your home to search for long lost Alumni and create your own user profile!
    • Search Members
    • Profile
    • Friends
    • Photos- Take a trip back through time or live vicariously through the undergraduate Brothers through photos!
  • Annual Fund- Show the Chapter some love- after all, it made you the man you are today! Your contributions help fund alumni communications, keeping you connected- and isn’t belonging something we all strive for?
    • Honor Roll- See who has donated to the Chapter and motivate Alumni from your era to pitch in- it’s fast, secure, and easy

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